Trading to a Plan

This stock market trading plan can be used as a guide to maximizing stock market investment returns. It is based on Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Market Forecasting and Trading Strategies information and is facilitated using the Stock Price Analysis Module. It is indicative only and can be partially applied or extended to suit individual requirements.

Set Investment Parameters

Open the Stock Price Analysis Module

Identify Fundamental Value Stocks

Apply Fundamental analysis to determine Fair Value and rank stocks by Value.

Add Market Indexes for Analysis

Market Indexes can be used in an overall market forecast.

Consider Market Volatility and the Economic Clock

Market Volatility is indicated by the Volatility Index VIX.

As volatility increases and the Economic Clock moves towards Share Market Peak (12:00) apply increased caution and ensure Stop Losses are in place.

As volatility decreases and the Economic Clock moves away from Recession (6:00) opportunities maybe increasing.

Apply Technical Analysis to Determine Timing

For indexes and stocks of interest exhibiting high Value review the Technical Analysis Charts.

Buy indicators include:

Sell indicators include:

Buy Stocks

If you are comfortable with the market, the stock and worst case scenario ...

Limit Losses and Lock in Profits

Manage your stock investments to enhance returns ...

Review, Adjust and Repeat

The market is dynamic and stock positions and your trading plan should be continually reviewed and adjusted.